Servus, ich bin Verena!

The first longer bike trips I made (about 20 km back and forth) were during my childhood with my cousin, who I sometimes went to visit my grandma with. 

My biggest passion is dedicated to languages and cultures. So travelling has always been the best way to get deeper into that. One day my best friend Theresa told me about a Swiss girl that she had met in Spain and asked me to check out her Instagram account. I ended up on the webpage of no one less than pedalpromise and was astonished. I said to myself: One day I’m gonna do something like that! 

Being in nature for a few days in a row and discovering the limits of my body is nothing new for me. I’ve done some parts of the St. James’ Way and found out about the merits of disconnecting for a few days and slowing down a bit. Escaping from our fast-paced everyday life into the pure wilderness. Listening to our inner noise of thoughts. Stopping to appreciate something so small like a flower on the way. That’s what I found out to be my fuel. 

Olá, eu sou Gabriel!

My family used to spend summer vacations in the not-famous mountains area in Rio de Janeiro state. And there is where I lived from 8 to 15 years old, and somewhen in the beginning of this period I learned how to ride bikes. Because it was hilly, the biking experience was full of intense ups and downs.

I have worked in web marketing since 2011, but in the last few years I moved quite a bit. Rio to Stockholm, then Berlin and now Vienna. The desire for exploring new cultures and doing this with my own legs makes it more rewarding.

I remember many times in my childhood passing by the TV in the living room, where my family was watching documentaries about festivities in Northeast Brazil or different cultures in Turkey, for example. For sure this has shaped my interest in discovering unknown cultures.

What our fans say about us

Yes, we managed to get some followers while we traveled.

I knew them before they were cool.

— Hipster Schnautzer

Don't know them. My work is to keep the cockroaches in the sewers.

– Sewers Guardian

Not the best people to ask for some crumbles. But they are fine.

— C. Gull

I like them, especially Verena. She speaks my language.

— Photogenic Cow