Our 7 Reasons to Make this Journey

How would it be if we could explore countries and share good moments with others while not understanding a word of what the person is saying? And while doing so, paint and photograph the things we see?

Stop wondering, just like our parents, why we are doing this.

Here are our reasons.

Reason #1


No, this is not a word. At least not a word you’ll find in the dictionary, because we created it.

We are in search for the excitement of the unpredictable adventure, therefore, exciunpreventure [ɪkˈsaɪˌʌnprɪˈventʃər].

We bike because we want to go through the thrill of uncertainty.

Reason #2

The Biking Method

To travel with a bike is a whole statement: freedom, minimalism, self-sufficiency… But also the type of bike makes a difference. For example, having a more up-right position with an open chest shows unconsciously that we welcome interactions.

We preferred this over a drop-down handlebar, the one used in a biking race, more closed up in yourself focused on the performance.

When we were assembling our bikes, we had two concepts: to use parts that we can find in every bike shop in the world and are simple to repair. The bike has a hunger for thrills and spills. It doesn’t care about rain, dirt nor strong wind. We’ll keep spinning the pedals and feel alive.

Reason #3

Backpedal Experiences

You absolutely never know when that next random memorable experience will arise. It happens more when you are open to spontaneity. You got to give luck a chance. 

Our tracks are a powerful sign of our existence, a clear statement of our life lust. As a biker, we are not passing by places, we are part of the environment itself.

It’s about intimacy and connecting with what we are seeing. We don’t look through a windshield. We want the elements to come directly onto us.

Reason #4

The Elements

Earth, wind, fire and water will be our constant companions, shaping the track ahead of us, just like the Greeks believed.

Perceive the elements. Stop and backpedal to take a closer look at that curious plant you’ve just passed by. Smell the terrain, see the air and taste the rain. By the way, are rainy days really bad on the bike? Well, yes. But that’s part of the adventure, and we’ll endure it.

Reason #5

Encounters at the Edge

We’ll never know when we’re going to meet someone. Perhaps it’s when we stop to prepare our lunch, maybe it’s when we’re riding through a village.

Riding a bike makes it pretty easy to quickly step off for a chat. The slow speed, the physical struggle and the WTF? thought will most likely make people curious about this random couple. It’s time to discover what’s around the next corner.

Reason #6

Deceleration to Minimal

Despite its 21 gears, a bike offers itself as a means to slow down. There is no way other than a minimalist lifestyle, with a couple of pots, a handful of clothes and a few kilos of food.

A major part of planning such a trip is choosing what to take: what is the minimum that you need to go this far? How often are we gonna use this? And if we don’t have mobile internet, can we navigate with a map and compass?

Reason #7

Art and Memories

A camera, a paintbrush and a guitar will be our faithful companions along the way. Photographing is how we’re gonna share the reality of our trip, while painting will bring the poetic side of it. It just changes the way we look at things.

The angle of the light and the shades that come with it. The more we approach something, the better we can see its complexity. Only when you’re close to a plant, you can see its beautiful details. Just like you can see how rich a culture is when you’re inside of it.