How did we come up with this crazy idea of biking for a year? 

People often ask us this question when we tell them about our plan. 

First, let me ask you: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Right, often somebody tells you about something, and then you wanna do the same. Or you see something online and think: Man, what a great idea! Let me try too! Marketing has definitely been inspired by this.

unthinkable for other generations

Spreading the word has always been a powerful way to inspire others. While 50 years ago, this worked oldschool from mouth to mouth, nowadays the web is nearly endless. This also explains why more and more people actually make their crazy ideas come true, just like us. 

When we tell people of our parent’s generation about our bike trip, they usually react in a similar way. That’s GREAT! You younger generations are so lucky. This wouldn’t have been possible when I was your age. I also used to have some dreams, you know. Time’s changed. 

Out there in the world wide web, you can find plenty of other cool people who have done long-distance bike trips. And we are extremely grateful to them because they are the ones to inspire us. And most importantly, they helped to fight our insecurities:

Spreading the word does not only inform, but it also reassures. And we’d like to do the same.

Let’s have a look at our big inspirations now. Maybe you want to plan your own bike adventure or you just got curious.

A very chill couple, Jasi from Switzerland and Matt from Australia, have lived up to their promise of cycling from Jasi’s hometown to Matt’s. They cycled 18,000 km in 23 countries and were on the road for 18 months. Their videos were the first ones we watched! Enjoy.

Fabian from Switzerland has inspired us with his nice way of presenting and giving information about the gear he used. We were impressed that he actually assembled his bike himself, as this is a great way to learn about the mechanics of a bike! We even contacted him personally via message and he was very approachable. Awesome guy!

The most professional and high-quality videos we found out there are for sure those by wheelstowander, a Dutch couple. We browse Eric and Maudi’s content for more hands-on knowledge and personal experience. We would have lunch and to get more excited about our big trip, we would watch some of their videos. Entertainment and information together.

Matilda and Peyman, a couple from Finland, share some very valuable tips on their website. We especially consulted their page for deciding on our own bike parts when assembling our bikes. Matilda and Peyman share some very reassuring contents, as they don’t hesitate to cycle even in the most freezing winter lately! 

We had the pleasure to literally bump into Bernhar when we were gathering our first multiple-day bike experiences in Styria, Austria on the Wine Street. Fully packed and carrying a Brazilian flag on his bike, Bernhar passed by and we made him stop by shouting super loud: BRAZIL! It was maybe our most real inspiration. Even if it was only a one-hour talk perhaps, I still get goosebumps when I think of this encounter. This must be destiny, the romantic ones of you might say.  

Thanks to all of these people mentioned above for making us jump into the deep end. Without you all we probably wouldn’t be where we are now.